Heart of the Nagual

This is Book 2 of the Nagual series. For 5 millennia, Native Americans relied on tribal guardians called Naguals; humans who transformed into stealthy and powerful animals. They were revered by each tribe as protectors and were immortalized by their tribal totems. Sixteen year old twins Patch & Yacey McCorkle are homeschooled at a dig deep in the Mexican jungle by his anthropologist parents. Quimichin, an old native shaman, teaches them about nagualism; an ancient belief in spiritual and transformative powers. Miraculously born, the hero twins are endowed with unlimited nagual gifts. Aided by a host of nagual elders, they are taught to fish and eat honey by bear paw, and lock racks as a buck deer. Quimichin, who teaches them the art of small as a tiny field mouse, gives Patch the Eye of the Nagual, one of three lost sacred totems, which amplifies the powers of its possessor. Wealthy Francisco Munoz, descendant of Hernán Cortéz seeks the power of the stone for his son Nahuel, it’s rightful heir. Destined to cross paths, the twins meet the mysterious Vittorio De la Vega who also lusts after and is drawn to the totem, as does an evil retired drug lord and dark nagual. When armed para-military thugs arrive at their jungle dig, young Patch and Yacey must confront their attackers, and along side their nagual mentors, defend their lives and the totem with their only weapons, the powers of nagualism. After the conflict, Patch and Yacey, along with their mother, Maya, left Mexico for special training in the mysterious ways of the nagual. However, before they got off the ground, they were held mentally captive by a dark-haired nagual at the airport. After draining them of their energy, he invaded, then robbed, them of their privacy by reading their very thoughts.

Heart of the Nagual


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