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Oct 20, 2018

Ready to transform?


Edited: Oct 20, 2018

Hi everyone! We've recently come across a website with an awesome tool that can morph you into anything. By default, I decide to make one for the Nagual series.

Need an easier version that works on your Android? Use Zooface.



Hope you have a great week! Reply with your own transformations. Here's the site: - Christopher


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  • Hello everyone! I transformed myself into my nagual, which is an alligator. To find out what your actual nagual is; based on the Aztec calendar, add your birthdate at the top of the page listed below. #whatsyournagual There are three characters; first is your birthday, (This is your nagual) second is your month, and third is your birth year (Based on the sacred calendar called the " Tonalpoahualli" ). For more understanding, go to
  • Welcome to the Forums! This section is for you to express your knowledge and interest in Naguals. We have found a website where you can morph yourself into a Nagual. You can get it here: Once again, Welcome!