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P. E. Pence, Phil & Elaine, were both born in Virginia and have been Virginians all their lives. Married in 1979, they currently live in the mountains of Virginia and are the parents of 8 immensely talented children who they affectionately refer to as the Pencelings.

 Mr. Pence began his storytelling career at their bedsides, and Mrs. Pence read other peoples stories to them, because she believes in the power of a good story. 

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Nagual Series Reviews

P.E. Pence has come up with an ingenious plot with enough action and supernatural twists to keep the reader turning those pages. Imagine transforming into your totem animal and being able to inhabit their world, galloping with the herd or flying above the mountains with your eagle nagual. We get to see this through the eyes of fifteen-year-old twins as the boys learn about their supernatural powers from the native shamans and fight off paramilitary thugs at their parents' archeological dig site. All the characters are strongly depicted and Pence's easy writing style and use of dialog will engage readers of all ages. Warning: cliffhanger ending - you'll want to get the next book in the series immediately!

Virginia Lloyd-Davies